4th May 2021 | By George Crafer

University student standing as a Conservative candidate in Thursday’s local elections

Cameron Cosh is a 21-year-old UoM politics student who plays rugby, supports Man City, and loves the pub—and he might have the most unpopular job...


3rd May 2021 | By Laura Reddington

How does the local election work and what will be different this time due to the pandemic?

What do we vote for in the local election? Manchester City Council is split into 32 wards, separating it into civil parishes, and borough and...


9th June 2017 | By nq_admin

#RegisteredButCantVote, many new voters turned away at polling stations

A lot of newly registered voters were turned away from polling stations; having being told they aren’t registered, in this year’s snap election. The hashtag,...