Memory of Salford man kept alive through random acts of kindness

  • 93-year-old Norman Frost died in February 
  • Family are asking Salfordians to ‘pay it forward’ in his memory
  • Granddaughter Zoe wants local schools to participate in campaign

A Salford family are celebrating the life of a loved one by encouraging residents to undertake random acts of kindness for others.

Norman Frost died aged 93 in February this year, leaving a “massive void” in his family.

93-year-old Norman Frost died in February 2022
Norman Frost died on 2 February 2022 aged 93

In tribute, they are carrying out random acts of kindness accompanied by tags asking the recipient to ‘pay it forward’ with their own gesture of goodwill for another.

Using the hashtag #letskeepsalfordsmiling, they are hoping to bring some positivity to the people of Salford.

Pay it forward cards encouraging strangers to carry out random acts of kindness
‘Pay it forward’ cards are encouraging random acts of kindness

Granddaughter Zoe Brooke, 48, who grew up living with Norman, said: “He was always giving and there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for anybody else.

“The word ‘kindness’ is probably a word I would articulate to be my granddad.

“We wanted to do something that would inspire people to do something nice.”

Norman was born in Salford and fought in the Second World War, and became known for his giving nature throughout his life.

Still driving at 90, he would take neighbours to doctor’s and hospital appointments and pick up his great-grandchildren from school.

Zoe, who volunteers for GMCA, was nominated for a Spirit of Salford award in 2019 in recognition of her voluntary work.

She says she owes the achievement to the example set by her grandfather.

“Everything I’ve done, everything my brother’s done, anything we all do is because we wanted to make that man proud.” said Zoe.

“He really did inspire so many people to do good and to do the right thing.” 

Cards designed by Queen of Card MCR have started to circulate, with some taking to social media to share with others the random act of kindness they have received.

Random acts of kindness being shared to social media
Some are sharing what they’ve received to social media. Credit: Queen of Card MCR and The Flower Girl Manchester

Now, Zoe is looking to introduce the cards into schools as a way of “demonstrating kindness” to young people.