Andy Burnham giving a press conference about girls football in schools

2nd January 2023 | By Thomas Markham

“Football is for girls!”: Mayor calls on schools to encourage more girls into football.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham announced this morning that he will be joining the FA to call on schools to encourage more young...


2nd March 2022 | By Hannah Wintle

Memory of Salford man kept alive through random acts of kindness

A Salford family are celebrating the life of a loved one by encouraging residents to undertake random acts of kindness for others. Norman Frost died...


23rd October 2020 | By Megan Wilkinson

Staff in Manchester schools unhappy with measures to prevent spread of coronavirus

Staff at Manchester schools claim they have not been provided with enough support and have branded coronavirus measures a ‘joke’.  Teaching staff who are unhappy with...


2nd October 2020 | By Georgina Randall

Student teachers due to start placements in Manchester secondary schools ‘scared about infecting pupils’

With the global death rate from Covid-19 now reaching more than one million, trainee student teachers are expressing anxiety about going into schools on placement. They worry...


16th October 2019 | By Daniel Jones

Thousands of Salford children given food assistance over summer

Salford city council provided financial help for food to 3,000 children over the summer thanks to funds made available through the a new scheme. Salford Assist...


18th January 2019 | By Danielle Wroe

People believe Brexit may not have happened if politics was on the school teaching curriculum

Engagement with politics is low. After the Brexit referendum, people are feeling frustrated and in the media we keep hearing the phrase ‘the only certainty...