Credit: Esme Windsor

Fallowfield students wake up to find front doors daubed with phallic vandalism

  • Every house along Ladybarn Road daubed with graphic graffiti in shape of a penis
  • Student homes targeted in overnight act of vandalism on doors


Residents in a student street woke up to find every house on their road daubed with a penis graffiti on their front door.

Students living in Ladybarn Road next to the popular Fallowfield area were baffled and angered by the graffiti which appeared overnight on Sunday.

The incident was posted on the Fallowfield Students Group by Esme Windsor, who wrote: “It seems that somebody has sprayed phallic symbols on every single door on Ladybarn road, and for this we say thank you. Because fairs, like, not even mad, quite comical for a Sunday morning actually, However, what the f*** sort of willies have you seen? Granted you didn’t have a lot of time but these are questionable.”

Esme's original tweet
Esme’s original Facebook post 

Esme said: “We aren’t too bothered by it we all think it’s quite funny.”

She added that contacted her landlord to inform him of the vandalism, which has now been removed from the doors.

This act of vandalism is reminiscent of the popular Netflix mockumentary American Vandal season 1, though the motives of the vandals remain nuclear.

Other students living in Fallowfield have provided their opinions on the recent event. 

Alex Proudler said: “Funny as f*** mate, it doesn’t negatively effect anyone except the landlords and estate agents.”

Daniel Harrison said: “It is funny from the outside. But if it was on my front door I would be really angry and I would also not feel as safe anymore.”

Ellen Hopwood said: It’d probably be annoying if it was your front door but if drawing a dick on the front door was the only thing they did, it couldve been worse I suppose. It was probably more of a joke than anything more malicious.”

Esme later informed the Northern Quota that someone had come and cleaned the graffiti off her door and the other doors on the street.

The landlord and the Greater Manchester Police have yet to provide a comment.

Credit: Esme Windsor