Election Count

Candidates react to exit polls

Northern Quota Journalist, Isaac Jordan, has been speaking to political candidates and getting their immediate reaction to the latest exit poll figures. 

Matt Mickler, Brexit Party candidate’s ideal version of Brexit would include the free trade agreement offered earlier in the year. A clean break Brexit is also one of the candidates demands. 

He said: “A free trade agreement, which was originally offered in the beginning, seems to be off the table at the moment.” 

“So, if that’s not brought back to the table, I’d rather have a clean break Brexit. I don’t want it to be dragged on as long as it is.”

He also believes that the Tories have the capabilities to achieve it’s goals. 

He said: “I think they’ve got a year from the end of January when the withdrawal agreement will probably pass.

“I have faith that they will do that, I don’t think anyone in the conservative party is going to have the ability or the want to actually push through a no deal.”

With the poll predicting a huge win for the Conservatives and Labour loosing up to 71 seats, Sammi Bellamy, Labour Councillor for Walkden North, reacts to the news as ‘absolutely heartbreaking.’

She supports Jeremy Corbin, calling him ‘an amazing man.’

She said: “I think with the bias press, I think he had some really bad press and I think it’s that that is causing some of the issues and not him as a person.”

The controversy around antisemitism at Labour party doesn’t concern Sammi one bit as she hasn’t witnessed anything of the sort. 

She said: “Personally no one at local level. I haven’t seen any. I mean we have a lovely Jewish councillor Heather and she is absolutely amazing. She never had any issues.”