Campaign launched to make Fallowfield a safer place to live

  • Many students are becoming the prime target for violent crime in Fallowfield
  • Policing and security across the area is lacking, with the number of crimes reported increasing
  • Led by NQ reporter Isaac Dixon, a campaign has been launched to make Fallowfield a safer place for students and families to live

Do you live in Fallowfield or know somebody that does? If so, you are probably aware of how unsafe the neighbourhood is. You have probably been reminded repeatedly to lock your doors always, and to keep your windows closed constantly. 

Fallowfield, home to many students from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and The University of Manchester (UoM) has become notorious for the incidents of crime. Students flock to the neighbourhood in their first and second years at university, bringing gadgets worth up to thousands of pounds making them ‘easy targets’ for criminals operating in the area. Over the past two years, the crime in Fallowfield has increased by a whopping 36.9-percent year on year. 

It has also been revealed that in the year of 2017, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) only successfully solved one sexual assault and violent crime in Fallowfield. Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester, responded to a concerned student living in Fallowfield earlier on this year, stating that, “We have to do something about it”. 

Safer Streets in Fallowfield is a campaign with an aim of raising awareness about how unsafe the neighbourhood is, and hoping for a change. Safer Streets hope that with the help of Greater Manchester Police and university bodies, the neighbourhood will once again be a safe place to live. Sign the petition here, and keep up to date with the campaign by following Safer Streets’ on Twitter and Facebook