Campaign launch to change the class of the deadly drug GHB.

TOXIC GHB is a campaign working to raise awareness of the deadly drug GHB.

#TOXICGHB is a campaign by the Northern Quota raising awareness of the dangers of the drug GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). We want to change the classification of the party drug because people do not know how dangerous GHB is.

Currently, GHB has been given a classification C by the British government, which means being caught or supplying GHB will get you the least serious punishments and fines.

However, according to Channel 4 Dispatches, BuzzFeed News and Terrence Higgins Trust, there are only two hospitals in London which monitor illegal drug use as part of an EU drug report. These hospitals reported that there were 380 hospital admissions related to GHB, compared to 261 admissions related to cocaine and 183 admission related to heroin. This is the highest number of people admitted to hospital from a drug. 

Also, out of 133 NHS Trusts across England and Wales, 97 were unable to give us any figures on GHB and only four seemed to be actively looking out for this drug; Portsmouth, Blackpool, Guy’s and St Thomas’s and King’s in London.

Additionally, nearly two-thirds (62.5%) of the 2,700 homosexual men Terrence Higgins Trust surveyed said they had suffered serious problems from the drug – including loss of consciousness, addiction, hospitalisation, and sexual assault. 

These statistics prove that there is a problem with the dangers of GHB, and the dangers are overlooked from British health specialists and the government.

Help us change the classification and save lives by signing our petition here. Our petition will try and make enough people aware of the deadly drug, and try and take the topic too parliment.

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