Laughing gas canisters discarded by the side of a road near Ebbsfleet, Kent

30th November 2023 | By Rebecca Mills

Laughing Gas ban aims to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Laughing Gas, also known as nitrous oxide, has been made illegal for recreational use in the UK, making it the second country to do so....


17th March 2021 | By Constance Enzler

Covid highs and lows: alcohol deaths reach new levels in lockdown, study reveals

Consumption of alcohol has increased across the UK during the pandemic as people stuck at home turning to drink.  Between January and September, 5,460 alcohol-related deaths were recorded...


29th October 2020 | By Matthew Kay

Drugs will not be tolerated in pandemic Manchester, say police after four men arrested in Strangeways area

Four men were arrested and a large amount of cannabis was seized in the Strangeways area of Manchester as police attempt to tackle drug abuse during...


29th January 2020 | By karthiknair

Students get ‘hippy crack’ from corner stores selling it as whipped cream chargers

‘Hippy crack’ continues to flood Manchester’s streets as stores and online services sell them under the guise of whipped cream chargers. The shiny metal cannisters contain...


7th December 2019 | By Daniel Mardle

In the fight against drugs the current system ‘does more harm than good’, say families

A panel set up to examine the problem of drugs says that making drugs illegal only benefits criminals. The Taking Drugs Seriously panel compares the current system...


20th November 2019 | By Liam Shuker

Campaign launch to change the class of the deadly drug GHB.

#TOXICGHB is a campaign by the Northern Quota raising awareness of the dangers of the drug GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). We want to change the classification of the...


28th October 2019 | By Elena Richards Coldicutt

Professor David Nutt: ‘magic’ medicine from mushrooms could hold key to easing pain of mental illness

Depression is complicated. And the laws around which medicines we can have access to help combat our mental health problems even more so. What if...


11th April 2017 | By nq_admin

58 Spice related incidents over weekend as Manchester experiences beginnings of Spice epidemic

7 April  9 April Spice, the once legal alternative to cannabis, is now plaguing the city of Manchester.  Greater Manchester Police have reported that Manchester is...

1kg of Spice seized in Rochdale

19th March 2017 | By nq_admin

Rochdale police seizure over 1kg of Spice

Officers in Rochdale seized over a kilogram of Spice on Friday after executing a warrant at two properties in the Spotland area as part of a...