4,000 new jobs for Manchester residents as Harry Styles invests in new music venue

  • Harry Styles invests in new Co-op Live arena
  • More than 4,000 new local jobs will be created for people of Manchester
  • East Manchester areas could be revitalised by project

More than 4,000 new jobs for Manchester residents will be created as Harry Styles invests in the new Co-op Live arena.

Harry Styles announced that he is investing along with The Oak View Group in the new live music arena set to be the biggest in the UK.

The new £350m Co-op Live arena which is set to be the biggest indoor venue in the UK with a capacity of 23,500 will be built next to the Etihad Stadium and will be opening in 2023 – creating over 4,000 jobs for Manchester residents.

Harry Styles said in a statement: “I’m incredibly proud and excited to be partnering with OVG on their plans for Co-op Live.

“Manchester is an incredible city, filled with incredible people, and I couldn’t be happier being involved in this project. It very much feels like coming home.”

The new venue will bring thousands of jobs to Manchester and revitalise the surrounding Beswick, Droylsden and Ancoats areas.

Mark Donnelly, OVG chief operating officer, told the Northern Quota: “The three-year construction phase will create over 3,000 direct jobs, and the arena will support a further 1,000 jobs once open.

“We have committed that everyone working at the arena during both the construction and operational phases, will receive no less than the real living wage.

“We want the people close to the arena to benefit, and will prioritise hiring local people during the construction and operations phases of the development.

“We’ve had extensive discussions to inform our jobs and skills strategy, which will include apprenticeships, local jobs fairs, specific skills training in partnership with local education providers and measures to encourage people getting back into work.”

However, the new venture could also bring disturbances for residents in the form of increased noise and traffic.

But Councillor Emma Taylor believes the inconveniences are worth the reward.

She said: “Prioritisation should go to local people for those jobs.

“That was a really important part of it for me because without a shadow of a doubt there is going to be a little bit of disruption with such a big arena being built on people’s doorsteps. So there must be something in it for the people as well.”

Many residents NQ spoke to were enthusiastic about the news.

Resident and business owner, Andrew Stringer, 55, said: “Now, there’s absolutely nothing that people can do in their own area.

“You do hope that they’ll develop the land and build more shops, bar and restaurants where people who go to gigs every night would want to go.

“Which, again, would bring employment to the area. It’s going to be fantastic.”