‘Wrap Up Manchester’ campaign hailed as huge success after more than 1,000 items donated

  • More than 700 people in Greater Manchester will now receive warm clothing in time for the coldest Christmas period, with more than 1,000 items donated to the charity's campaign tackling homelessness
  • Greater Manchester's top Liberal Democrats have praised the success of Human Appeal's first ever 'Wrap Up Manchester' campaign

Human Appeal's first ever Wrap Up Manchester campaign has been hailed as a huge success by the Liberal Democrats who helped out the charity last week.  

More than 700 homeless and vulnerable people across Greater Manchester are now set to receive warm clothing and coats, just in time for the coldest Christmas period. 

Following John Leech's last minute plea for warm clothes, especially coats, the campaign saw a surge in donations.

In total, more than 1,000 items were donated including over 700 coats and 300 jumpers, scarves, blankets and sleeping bags.

Mr Leech returned to Human Appeal's Safe Store base to help sort and bag up over 1,000 donated items ready to be handed out to Manchester's homeless and most vulnerable. 

Speaking at the campaign's HQ today, Mr Leech said: "It has been truly heartwarming to see the number of donations here today and the effort people have gone to… including dry cleaning!"

John Leech donates clothing with Human Appeal Campaigners
John Leech helping sort donations for the Human Appeal Campaign

"It has really hit home in the last few days with all the bad weather and how cold just how important the work of charities like Human Appeal is, and how incredibly important it is that vulnerable people across Manchester have something warm to wrap up with over the Christmas months."

Liberal Democrats' Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate, Jane Brophy, has pledged to increase support for the charity's work if elected next May: "It's clear that their work is changing the lives of the most vulnerable across Britain.

"If elected as Mayor of Greater Manchester I will work hard to ensure Human Appeal gets significantly more support to continue carrying out their vital work, particularly here in Greater Manchester."


Human Appeal is a Manchester-based humanitarian aid charity, whose work ranges from combatting homelessness to supporting refugees, and will be following up the emergency aid they provided to victims of the floods that hit the UK in December last year.

Human Appeal's CEO, Othman Moqbel, commented on the work the top Liberal Democrat's have been doing for his charity: "We'd like to thank councillors John Leech and Jane Brophy for donating their coats and helping to raise the profile of our campaign."