World famous Bury market crowned the UK’s favourite market – again

  • Famous for its black pudding and fish market
  • Bury market has won the Nabma award previously 
  • Even royalty have paid a visit to the northern atraction

Bury market – famed for its black puddings – has been named the UK’s favourite market. 

The Nabma award is given each year and is judged on how well liked markets are by residents and tourists alike.

Bury market this year had a landslide win with more than 30,000 members of the public voting for it to take the top spot. It has won the award in previous years.

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One of the reasons the market is world famous is because of the black puddings it sells, a staple heritage food in the town.

Its unique flavour comes from the way it’s prepared, from boiling the sausage and then serving with malt vinegar out of its paper wrapping.

Other local delicacies include tripe served with chips and salt and vinegar. 

Bury opened its marked doors back on Christmas Eve in 1889 as an open market, but was closed in 1900 due to unstable building conditions. 

The market reopened with an indoor section in 1901 and stayed open until a fire broke out In November 1968, which devastated the market hall and building.

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It reopened in 1971 in the current location directly adjacent to the bus interchange and Metrolinks to Manchester. 

Thousands of visitors attend the market each year, with tourists from all over the world flocking to find out what makes the markets so famous.

The royal family has even paid a visit to the venue. 

Market vendors sell everything from carpets, handbags, children’s clothes to speciality foods.

The market has even been used as part of a film set numerous times, with actor Lisa Kudrow famous for her part in Friends as Phoebe, seen filming on the market and the nearby railway station in 2019.