Rajmohan Ghandi

World experts gather to share leadership tips and experiences in creative industries at RISE Summit

  • Guest speakers will discuss their leadership journey in the creative industry
  • MMU alumni form to share their experiences in the working world on Saturday
  • Keynote speech from the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Rajmohan Gandhi

World experts are gathering this weekend to discuss their experiences of leadership in the creative industry for the RISE Summit: Exploring Dimensions of Leadership.

The RISE Summit will feature three speakers from creative backgrounds and a panel of five MMU alumni from industries including, publishing, journalism and events.

The free event will be hosted on Saturday 21 August on Zoom, starting at 11am with the guest speakers and ending at 3.30 pm with the panel discussion, Q&A and a keynote speaker.

You can follow the event with our live blog (Credit: RISE)

In the morning, Charlie Cosby, the lead creative at Farrow and Ball, will explore the key principles in job applications and the importance of creative leadership.

Following will be Serdar Ferit, the co-CEO of Lyfta, who will give students the chance to explore different cultures and perspectives through positive human stories from all over the globe.

Throughout the afternoon, there will be a panel discussion with five MMU alumni speakers from various leadership roles, both established and emerging, with a Q&A from the audience.

Featured on the panel is Hassan Iqbal, the founder and CEO of Creative Pixels, who will share his journey of becoming an entrepreneur from a young age, and the value of dedication.

Pruthvi Khilosia, a producer from Barbican Press, will discuss his experiences as a writer, publisher, and editor whilst sharing some tips on how to utilise the resources available at university.

Founder and CEO of We Love Work, Paris Petgrave, will tell her journey of becoming a self-aware leader and how to create a healthy working environment through listening.

Adnan Riaz, a Sports Journalist with the LAdbible Group, will share his tips on making an impression as an emerging leader within a team.

Freelance Digital Events Specialist, Nyomi Rose, will talk about how she started her business during university and the value of networking.

Closing the event is keynote speaker Rajmohan Gandhi, a historian and journalist, who will discuss how to develop leadership qualities and growth in others.

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You can sign up for the event here on the RISE website for free and earn points for your attendance.