Wheel Of Misfortune – Campaign Fighting for clean streets for wheelchair users & cyclists

  • WheelOfMisfortune is a campaign launched to against the large amount of broken glass in the streets of Manchester
  • Broken bottles can be a threat to wheelchair and bicycle users
  • Flytipping is a major issue in Manchester and has increased in recent years

We all value our independence and ability to go from one place to another freely but imagine not being able to go anywhere on a Friday night because you are waiting for your wheelchair tyres to be repaired or replaced. 

#WheelofMisfortune is a campaign that hopes to raise awareness about the negative effect shattered glasses on the streets and sidewalks of Manchester can have on wheelchair and bicycle users.

According to the Department for Transport, 98% of buses in England have been issued an accessibility certificate since March 2017 and while this allows disabled people to be able to go about independently in the city, another thing to consider is the condition of the streets their wheels touch in many areas of the city.

With Manchester having one of the worst fly-tipping problems of any city, with complaints increased by 40% in the last three years, for many residents it is not unusual to find rubbish in most corners of most streets. The incorrect disposal of broken bottles, however, can be one of the most detrimental forms of fly-tipping as this can be a major problem not only for wheelchair users but also for bicycles as this can be a big threat to their tyres and can cause multiple punctures and accidents.

Finding shattered glass and sharp objects around our city is easy, especially on sidewalks, as many time the object can still be found scattered on the same ground even after a few days have gone by.

The Wheel of Misfortune campaign aims to improve people’s attitudes towards bottle disposal and recycling as well as encourage them to think about the consequences of their actions and those affected when bottles and glass containers are not disposed of properly.

Please sign the petition aiming to persuade the City Council to place stickers in various areas of the city with the words #Don’tBreakItBinIt as this will raise awareness and force people to think how their actions on a night out might affect someone else’s day.

For more information about the campaign, follow the Wheel of Misfortune website. You can also get regular updates on Facebook and Twitter.