Anti-mask protest

‘We are holding Boris Johnson accountable’: anti-mask protesters challenge government over coronavirus ‘cure’

  • Weekly protest against enforced wearing of masks and social distancing 
  • Guest speaker Gayzer Frackman promotes hydroxychloroquine as cure for covid
  • Proposal submitted to Parliament to hold PM accountable for virus-related deaths

An anti-mask protest took place in Piccadilly Gardens in response to the government’s continued enforcement of coronavirus restrictions.

The protest, organised by Save Our Rights UK, describes itself as a resistance against the legal requirement of wearing masks in public.

The group says the idea of a Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax orchestrated by the government.

A leaflet handed out by the group at the protest states: “It is a crime against humanity to impose masking and social distancing.”

Many in the crowd were not wearing masks, along with a deliberate disregard for social distancing or the ‘rule of 6’.

Addressing protestors was anti-mask activist Geza Tarjanyi, who goes by the pseudonym of  ‘Gayzer Frackman’.

He is an icon for many in the anti-mask camp, with people at the demo queuing up to shake his hand and take pictures with him.

“I have submitted a proposal to Parliament to put Boris Johnson on notice,” said Tarjanyi.

He has campaiged against the health risks of fracking and warned of the potential hazards of 5G data.

Tarjanyi now wants to spread awareness of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as a cure for coronavirus.

He said: “Boris knows that treatment with hydroxychloroquine has been proven to cure covid.”

Donald Trump has been an advocate of the use of Hydroxychloroquine during the pandemic, though its benefits are unproven.

“Now Boris knows about the treatment, we are holding him personally accountable for every coronavirus-related death that occurs from now,” said Tarjanyi.