Volunteer for Endometriosis UK sets up Dorset Support Group set to begin in the New Year

  • Volunteer for Endometriosis UK sets up support group in Dorset
  • First support group meeting will happen in the New Year 

Endometriosis sufferer Gemma Diaper has set up a new support group in Dorset which will begin in the New Year.  

The support group will offer women with endometriosis a place to discuss their condition with people who relate to and understand the condition. It will offer a mix of informal meetings and guest speaker slots of topics of interest to the group. 

Gemma, 31, who aims to open some sessions to family, friends and loved ones, said: “I’m hopeful we’ll have lots of ladies attend, and find it a really beneficial resource! I’m working closely with EndometriosisUK, and my local BSGE centre based at Poole Hospital, to get the word out there and inform as many Endo Warriors as possible about the new group.” 

Endometriosis sufferer Brittany Whitt said: “It’s important to have more groups opening to help educate each other, other endometriosis ladies might have different symptoms than you and also possibly you never knew of.” Dionne who also has the condition, added: “It’s important to talk about it and the only people who really understand are those dealing with the same thing.”

Gemma was diagnosed with endometriosis in May 2016 and was inspired to become a support group leader after attending an EndometriosisUk morning at Poole Hospital in March this year. 

She said: “It was really powerful, and I had the opportunity to meet other ladies suffering from endometriosis and had the chance to chat with Carol Pearson, a trustee at EndometriosisUK who inspired me to get involved with them, and I later submitted my support group lead application.”

Anyone wanting to become a support group leader has to undergo a thorough training process. Gemma said: “All the essentials were covered, and every question I had was addressed which was great! I left feeling prepared for the Support Group Leader mission ahead of me.”

Gemma is currently working on her first meeting. “My goal is for the first meeting to take place in January 2019, so I’ll be beavering away throughout November and December in an attempt to make this happen and get the word out there about the new group.”