Volunteer cooking Christmas meal for the homeless in Bury asking for donations from public

  • Samara Barnes has been working with A Bed Every Night to cook meals for homeless people
  • Charity provides support for 1,810 people in Greater Manchester
  • Calling on people to donate and help her provide Boxing Day buffet


A volunteer charity worker is pledging to cook a Boxing Day meal for homeless people in Bury.

Samara Barnes has been cooking meals for the charity A Bed Every Night after joining the group with her mother in October, preparing 30 meals-a-week.

Samara has worked with the homeless for a number of years and is appealing for people to donate food to help with the Christmas meals.  

Food donated for Christmas meals

Speaking to NQ, she said: “I know all too well how tough it is for services to get people to volunteer regularly and also, I know what a devastating effect not having hot food and a roof over your head can have.”

Homeless charities like ABEN rely on volunteers and donations to provide |support for rough sleepers in Greater Manchester. Samara is encouraging people to volunteer their time to help those in need.

“I would recommend contacting your local council and asking them who is the provider of their ABEN service and going directly to them and asking how you can help,” she said.

One of the meals cooked by Samara

Samara recently met with Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to discuss the work carried out by ABEN.

Aside from her work at ABEN, Samara works full time for a national children’s charity, runs a community project supplying free hygiene and menstrual products to those in need, and is a trustee for her local community hub and nursery.

Samara has set up a fund to raise money for a Boxing Day buffet for homeless people at ABEN. 

Donations can be made at https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8kzx8d6Kns