VMFC Thirds make their return to the league after two postponements

  • Village Manchester Football Third Squad are gearing up for a return to the league after 2 weeks of games being postponed due the pitched being waterlogged

  • They face 2nd place Swinton Rangers Winter on the 20th of February

VMFC Thirds are returning to the Mike Goldstone Division 1 for their first game of the month out of a possible 3 making this game only their 4th league game of the year.

Despite having 2 games postponed, they still keep up the weekly training sessions on Wednesdays. On the 16th the training was cut short however, due to the torrential rain despite toughing it out for 1 hour they decided they couldn’t carry on.

VMFC Thirds are still in high motivation coming up to this game, despite all the disruptions. I spoke to the manager of the team; Nick Stubbs ‘ last time we played them, they played very well, attacking wise they are very confident on the ball and off the ball. Definitely a challenge for us but one we are looking forward to.’

They are currently sitting at 10th in the Division with 4 points. They are facing Swinton Rangers Winter who are 2nd in the league sitting at 24 points. The game will definitely be tough for the team but there seems to be an unwavering spirit within the team raring to go back for their 1st game of the month.