VIDEO: Professor of psychedelics gave a lecture in Manchester last night

  • Dr. David Luke, a senior lecturer of psychology at the University of Greenwich gave a talk on the "Science of Psychedelics" in Manchester last night
  • Full Video Report below:

MCR Talks At Night, a rival to the international success of Tedx Talks, launched its inaugural lecture in Manchester last night.

With a topic as controversial as the “science behind psychedelics,” the talk was sure to ignite conversations amongst Mancunians on the illegal narcotics which make users “trip.”

Hosted by Dr. David Luke, a senior lecturer on psychology at the University of Greenwich, the talk covered exactly how psychedelic substances, such as LSD, DMT and “magic mushrooms,” work on our brain. 

Dr. Luke also discussed his research into psychedelics and the “extraordinary human experiences” he had encountered during this research, including synesthesia (the blurring of senses, i.e. ‘hearing colours’).

Nathan, who attended the event, said: “David was really interesting, the way he explained how psychedelics have been used by cultures for thousands of years was really eye-opening.

“I was particularly fascinated by his discussion on DMT, which is apparently a chemical released just before we die! Another really interesting topic he brought up was how psychedelics can be used medicinally, something which you don’t see being discussed in the mainstream media. 

“It shows that more research is definitely needed if we are to understand these substances. If there is a chance they could treat depression, as was mentioned, then I am all for legalisation!”

For more information on upcoming MCR Talks At Night events, go to their official Funzing page