Manchester's Anti-Trump protest

VIDEO: Manchester’s anti-Trump protest

  • Hundreds gather in Manchester to protest against Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States
  • Full video report below: 

Manchester's Anti-Trump Protest from Northern Quota on Vimeo.

Protestors demonstrated on Saint Peter’s Square in Manchester last Friday to raise their concerns regarding Trump’s policies and their impact on human rights, climate change and global politics.

Representatives of organisations such as Greenpeace, The Nuclear Disarmament Campaign (CND), Stand Up To Racism and Stop The War gave speeches and showed solidarity to the American people.

Anti-Trump demonstrators voiced their concerns afraid that the new President’s behaviour will now be judged as acceptable and legitimate for other people to adopt. They feel affected by what is happening in America and compare it with Britain’s situation.

Nigel Farage was mentioned many times as a Trump’s british equivalent. Tayyib Nawaz, The speaker for the Islamic Society at Manchester Metropolitan University said that both Farage and Trump were “here to find out what our differences are and exploit them."

Overall, the protest conveyed a strong will of fighting to preserve compassionate and human values in America and in Great Britain.