VIDEO: Manchester students begin hunger strike in protest against treatment of Palestinian prisoners

  • University of Manchester’s BDS group began their hunger strike today
  • The group are protesting the “unjust treatment” of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons
  • Two members of the group are currently facing a disciplinary from the University for climbing onto a building’s roof
  • Full video report below:

Protestors have begun a hunger strike to “raise awareness of ‘unjust’ treatment of Palestinian political prisoners” by the Israel Government.

The students from University of Manchester’s BDS group (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) say they are denying themselves food to stand in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike in Israeli prisons for nearly two weeks.

Huda Ammori, one of the members of the group and of Palestinian heritage, told the NQ that while the group didn’t have an expected time-limit on their strike, they take inspiration from the Palestinian hunger strikers to keep them going.

Palestinian protestor
Hunger striker outside University of Manchester

The group claims to have the support of “over 90 academics,” but have not been able to communicate with the University itself. 

Two members of the group are currently in the process of a disciplinary for climbing onto a University building to display a protest sign.

Palestine information leaflet
A BDS protest leaflet

The BDS movement has recently been labelled as anti-Semitic by some high-ranking members of both the Conservative and Labour Parties. Ammori denied this allegation: “This is nothing to do with religion. We promote a world where people can live alongside each other.

“This is against Israel’s constant violation of international law and oppression of Palestinians."

Huda Ammori talking with a member of the public

She added: “We fight for human rights, so I don’t understand how that can be seen as a negative movement.”

The group said while they have the support of Manchester Jewish Society, they have had a few negatives reactions from “individuals not tied to societies.” The NQ is waiting on a response from the Manchester Jewish Society. 

A University of Manchester spokesman said: “We became aware of this situation through social media, but not any direct contact with this group in relation to this particular protest.

"We are aware of their demands, and will respond in line with our obligations.”

The Israel-Palestine conflict over land ownership has been an ongoing international issue for decades, with no signs of being resolved in the near future.