Donald Trump protest (photo by Miles Casey)

Video: Manchester marches against Trump

  • Manchester once again marched against The United States' new President, Donald Trump
  • Protesters raised concerns about Trump's travel ban, which prevents citizens from 7 Muslim-majority countries, as well as his perceived racist rhetoric  
  • Full video report below: 

Thousands of Mancunians marched against Donald Trump last February. The protest has been called by campaigners who strongly disagree with the President’s travel ban on nationals of several mainly Muslim countries. Assembling outside the University of Manchester on Oxford Road and making its way to Albert Square, the march has been jointly organised by Manchester Stand Up To Racism, Stop the War, the People’s Assembly, and Manchester Trades Council.

The protest started around 1:15pm outside the University of Manchester student union on Oxford Road before making its way to Albert Square for the main demonstration. The commotion all started when Donald Trump issued an executive order that banned citizens from seven muslim majority countries from entering the US for 90 days. It also suspended the US refugee system for 120 days. My Trump thinks that this extreme form of vetting will help keep radical terrorists out of the US. Executive orders are legally binding but they can be subject to a legal review. The New York Times has called the order illegal.

Donald Trump protest (photo by Miles Casey)
Protester (photo credit: Miles Casey)

Many who oppose the ban say it is going to be challenged on all fronts and hearings are still taking palace now, even as Trump prepares to announce a ‘revised’ ban.

Speaking to one protestor, Imran, studying at University of Manchester, told us: “The protest today may not seem like much to many but it’s the principal.

"Trump has a lot of power now, power that could influence the western world and that includes us. A Muslim ban in the UK may happen if we aren’t out here to say 'no' and do everything we can to help shut down this bill and make our voice heard. People are genuinely furious.”

Another protestor, Jack, studying at MMU, said: “This is part of many protests that are happening around the country.

"This is also about Theresa May being called on to end the ‘special relationship’ with Trump and withdraw her invitation of a state visit, some have said it would be an 'embarrassment to the Queen' if the visit goes ahead.”

Protester (photo credit: Miles Casey)
Protester (photo credit: Miles Casey)

More than 1.85m people signed a petition for the visit to be cancelled but the government have remained certain that the invitation still stands and the visit will go ahead. This will most likely involve President Trump meeting the Queen and have many visits in and around England, Scotland and the rest of the UK.

At the same time as the Manchester protest, dozens more crowds gathered in major UK cities such as Edinburgh, Cambridge and Swansea. The protests have been organised by the ‘Stop Trump Coalition’ and the coalition have stated that: “We are calling for a nationwide day of action to stand up and say no to the future of hatred, racism and division that Donald Trump is trying to create.”

One Day Without Us organisers also said: “We are inviting migrants from inside and outside the European Union, and everyone who supports them, to celebrate the contribution that migrants make.”