Matt Nuttall: PT

VIDEO: Manchester celebrity Personal Trainer heading to America

  • Personal Trainer, Matt Nuttall, is taking his unique brand of training across the Atlantic 
  • Nuttall has trained a host of celebrity clients including Olympic boxing bronze medalist Tony Jefferies and Bolton Wanderers FC's Zach Night
  • Full interview below:  

Personal fitness is one of the more positive trends of the 2010s.

The Guardian reported in 2015 that UK spending on gym memberships is up by 44%. Clearly, there is a large UK market for getting into better shape, but how are people choosing to get fit? 

Singing up to a Personal Trainer (PT) is becoming an increasingly popular option for people who want a more personal experience in the gym. But how easy is it to make it as a PT?

According to a study from Ibisworld, there were approximately 23,000 PTs in the UK as of April 2016. The market may about to become saturated with fitness enthusiasts looking to make their cherished hobby a career. So how does a PT stand out from the crowd?

The NQ caught up with Matt Nuttall, who has been taking the NW by storm, even being recruited by celebrities from across the world, including Bolton's own Zach Night and even Hollywood star Frak Grillo (Captain America, The Purge and Warrior), to find out how he plans on breaking America and what it takes to make it as a PT in the UK.

Speaking about how he competes against other PTs, Matt told us: "I mean everyone does what I do, and vice versa. What makes my sessions unique goes beyond the physical training, it's more how I get into my client's heads to make them train and eat well when they aren't with me.

"I think that's what is unique about my PT sessions, and I don't think it's something you can learn you know, you can either get people to do what you want them to do or you can't." 

Matt continued: "I use a combination of strength training and boxing/kickboxing and other martial arts.

"The majority of my clients love that. I'm a 2nd dan black belt from Chinese Kickboxing. But have done Thai boxing for the past 10 years and bodybuilding that past 4 years so I use a combination of all these disciplines!"

Matt is hoping to break America with his PT style. Asked why he wanted to move across the Atlantic, the fitness enthusiast explained "Well, the weather mainly! But their whole fitness culture is just better than ours, especially where I want to go: Cali.

"As soon as they wake up they're at it, they're just much more active over in California."

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