Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Salford

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn holds rally in Salford after launching election campaign in Manchester

  • Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour's election campaign in Manchester last week
  • The Labour leader held a rally in Salford to speak to the people who were unable to attend the Manchester conference
  • Full video report below:

Jeremy Corbyn launched his party's General Election campaign in Manchester last week. 

Putting the interests of the many before the few, the theme of Labour's strategy seemed to be aiming to appeal to the wider population, rather than the "rich minority."

Hundreds of people, both Labour supporters and members of the general public, gathered to hear the enigmatic socialist leader speak.

A media frenzy greeted the veteran politician before he took to a grassy knoll to give an impassioned speech, covering the crumbling state of the NHS to worker's rights. 

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