Two men living exotic lifestyles have been jailed for over 15 years for their part in organised crime group

  • Men from Manchester and Liverpool were identified as class A and B drug dealers while living a ife of luxury
  • Operated a joint user handle under the Encrochat which was used for dealings and criminal activities
  • Investigations revealved they were importing cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis to the UK

Two men have been jailed for a total of 15 years for their part in a drugs smuggling gang.

Remez Caffrey, 24 from Manchester, and John Chean, 34 from Liverpool jointly used a user handle called ‘Frostjacket’ under the encrypted communications service Encrochat, to import and supply class A and B drugs.

Through the profile the men were in regular contact with dealers to source and purchase drugs. Analysis of messages between April and June 2020 showed ‘Frostjacket’ was trying to source cocaine in early April but was struggling due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions.

In the months that followed both men were seen to exchange messages with various people purchasing around two-and-a-half kilograms of cocaine, believed to have a street value of around £100,000, 61 kilograms of amphetamine believed to have a street value of around £61,000 and 44 kilograms of cannabis believed to be worth around £264,000.

drug dealing, jailed, crime
John Chean. Image: GMP

The men would often offer cash or a vehicle in exchange for the drugs. On one occasion they arranged to meet in Moston to exchange a Mercedes for 18kg of amphetamine.

In an attempt to launder money for their large-scale drug purchases, the men even tried to persuade family members to handle large sums of money.

They were involved in the theft of cannabis from a farm in the Oldham area being operated by a rival crime group.

Jailed, Drug dealing, Crime
Remez Caffrey Image: GMP

The investigation culminated in March 2021 when Caffrey and Chean were arrested and £2,940 seized.

Caffrey, of Chelston Avenue, was this week jailed for 11 years and three months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine, conspiracy to import cannabis and money laundering. Chean was jailed for six years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and amphetamine.

Drug dealers, crime, jailed
Chean and Caffrey together in an apartment. Image: GMP

DC Darren Wayman said: “Today’s sentencing is a significant result for the team after months of gruelling and intricate investigative work to help identify, arrest and convict these two high-ranking members of an OCG.

“Both Caffrey and Chean were responsible for the purchase and importation of huge quantities of drugs which would no doubt have been distributed across Greater Manchester before being sold within our communities.

£These types of drugs blight communities and ruin lives and thankfully we have been successful in disrupting this type of destructive criminality.

“Drugs are not welcome within our community and we will do all we can to pursue these types of criminals and ensure they face the appropriate justice which today is a substantial time behind bars..”