Twitter community helps reunite 30 runaway cows with their owner after rescue by PC

  • GMP PC found 30 cows which had escaped from their enclosure near Bury
  • He corralled them himself into nearby field
  • Twitter community helped to find the owner

PC Matthew Hilton was just beginning to relax as he drove home after a long day at work.

Taking in the green views around Bury, little did he know that his shift was far from over.  

He spotted about 30 cows on Brandlesholme Road in Bury taking an unauthorised stroll away from their enclosure.

The herd was walking down the centre of the road, blocking all traffic.

The officer from Greater Manchester Police’s city division quickly notified his local colleagues.

Aware of the urgency of the case, he then took action himself.

With his car, PC Hilton managed to usher the runaway cows off the street onto a nearby cricket field.

Police Constable Matthew Hilton
PC Matthew Hilton helped save a herd of cows                                                      Image: GMP

PC Hilton, who says he has no previous farming experience, said: “I was driving home from work when I suddenly came across a number of cows in the road.

“I called the police. However, due to demand on the force and the threat, harm and risk of the situation, police were not able to respond straight away.

“In the meantime I was able to moooo…ve the cows along and corrall them into a nearby field, getting them out of the road and to safety.”

With the avid participation of the Twitter community, a search for the owner of thew cows began.

After plenty of retweets and voicemails left in the early hours of the next day, the cows returned home safely from their adventure.

Twitter users were delighted about the “udderly brilliant news” and “bet the steaks were high moooving them on your own” in just two of the many comments.