Transphobic hate crime on the rise

England and Wales are seeing an increase in transphobic hate crimes.

Figures released by the Greater Manchester Police show trans hate crimes have increased by 9% across the country while Manchester alone sees a rise of 67%.


The report reveals that the majority of crimes reported included assault and criminal damage.

Despite many of the crimes having a “positive outcome” the GMP are concerned that many other transphobic hate crimes are not reported. 67% of people asked said they had not reported the incident to the police. 38% of those who did not report the crime said they felt like they would be wasting police time.

Assistant Chief Constable at GMP Garry Shewan told the MEN: “Hate crime is something that must not be tolerated. I believe that by working together we can make a difference, strengthen our communities and make hate crime a thing of the past.
“The route to ending hate crime is not going to be easy. This report documents trans victims’ real experiences of hate crime and sets out real challenges for the police, criminal justice system, local authorities, partner agencies and voluntary organisations.