Top Liberal Democrats launch support for Human Appeal campaign

  • The Liberal Democrat Party have announced their support for homeless charity, Human Appeal
  • Greater Manchester's top Liberal Democrats are pleading with the public to donate as many coats as possible to the charity.
  • Lib Dem's Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate, Jane Brophy and Manchester's sole opposition in the council, John Leech visited the city's Human Appeal centres to donate clothing and help raise the campaign profile 

Prominent politicians in Greater Manchester have made last minute pleas with the public to donate any spare coats to Human Appeal's 'Wrap Up Manchester' campaign before the winter season.

Greater Manchester's top Liberal Democrats, John Leech and Jane Brophy, visited Human Appeal's charity centres in Trafford and Altrincham yesterday, to donate clothing and speak with organisers about how they, and the public of Greater Manchester, could help support the charity tackle the homeless crisis in Manchester over the winter.

Wrap Up Manchester is Human Appeal's winter campaign, aiming to collect old and unwanted coats from members of the public, giving them directly to those who are desperately in need during these difficult winter months.

The deadline for the campaign is November 18, so if you want to help donate, you will have to be quick!

Liberal Democrats' Greater Manchester Mayoral candidate, Councillor Jane Brophy, said: "Seeing the heroic work Human Appeal does has been truly eyeopening." 

Mrs Brophy announced how she would use her platform as Manchester's Mayor, if elected, to help tackle the homeless crisis: "It's clear that their work is changing the lives of the most vulnerable across Britain, and if elected as mayor of Greater Manchester I will work hard to ensure Human Appeal gets significantly more support to continue carrying out their vital work."

​​​​​​Jane Brophy donates clothing with Human Appeal Campaigners.
Jane Brophy donates clothing with Human Appeal Campaigners

Former Manchester MP-turned sole opposition councillor, John Leech, added: "The work Human Appeal does both here in Manchester and across the country is of serious significance and importance to so many people's lives, and it has been a real honour to be a part of their invaluable work today.

Mr Leech also used the platform to plea with the public for their help: "The winter months are very often the toughest times for vulnerable people across Manchester, but it doesn't have to be this way.

"Today I really must urge anyone who can spare a coat, jacket, blanket or any other warm clothing to please donate it to Human Appeal at one of their centres as soon as possible!"

Human Appeal, a Manchester-based humanitarian aid charity, not only helps combat homelessness and offer support to refugees, but was instrumental in offering emergency aid to victims of the floods that hit the UK in December last year.

Human Appeal's CEO, Othman Moqbel, said: “Last winter.. we helped provide emergency aid whilst the floods were at the worst in December. Now we are trying to keep as many of Manchester's homeless warm this winter.

"We'd like to thank councillors John Leech and Jane Brophy for donating their coats today and helping to raise the profile of our campaign."

To find your nearest place to donate, click here.