Theresa May as leader into next election? Manchester folk have their say

  • Northern Quota's Gemma Stewart takes the pulse on what people think of Theresa May leading the Tories into the next general election

People in Manchester are divided over whether Theresa May should remain leader of the Conservative Party.

This comes after a You Gov poll was released showing that 23% of Conservative party members would prefer Boris Johnson to lead the party.

Ahead of this week’s party conference, NQ asked people in Manchester for their thoughts on the Conservative Party leader.

Lara Johnson, 21, a shop assistant from Glossop, said “No. She says she will do one thing and then go back against her word”.

Laura Wilson, 26, a junior doctor from Deansgate, said “No. Theresa May’s a weak leader. How will she be able to get the best deal for Britain in Brexit negotiations?”

When asked who should replace her, Laura said she would prefer Boris Johnson to be Party leader.

She said: “He’d be able to get the best deal for Britain during Brexit negotiations.”

John Underwood, 64, who is retired and from Stockport, said: “No. She (Theresa May) doesn’t have a mandate. She shouldn’t still be leader.”

The 64 year old refused to name who should replace the Prime Minister. Instead, he referred to the Conservative Party as a “nasty bunch of people”.

Ryan Newcombe, 23, a University of Manchester graduate, from North Wales, however disagreed.

He said “I don’t think Theresa May should quit. I think it should be down to her to decide whether she quits or not. She should be leader of the Conservative Party at the next General Election.”