Chorlton pub opened by Corrie star

Historic Chorlton pub paves the way for new era of live music venues

  • Business partners Jonny Booth and Rupert Hill open another venue together
  • The venue will be a centre for creatives in the area
  • Decline of alcohol-focused bars and the future of the traditional public house

One of the oldest pubs in Chorlton has reopened giving a breath of fresh air into the English pub scene. New landlords musician Jonny Booth and actor Rupert Hill, from shows like Coronation Street, have taken over the grade II listed building and are looking at making it a space for everyone.

The Lloyds will be restored to its former name of ‘Lloyd and Platt’. The pub was named after the original owners in 1870, George Lloyd the owner of the land and James Platt who built the hotel and pub.

The co-owner Jonny has had his eye on the pub for over 10 years, watching the Chorlton creatives spaces decline over time he decided to transform the old function room in the pub.

Business partners Jonny Booth (left) and Rupert Hill (right) in front of the pub / Photo Credit: Jonny Booth

Jonny said: “I’ve wanted it for years. I lived in Chorlton for about 10 years. We have The Castle and Gullivers on Oldham Street. And there’s just been like a slow decline in the provision of creative space and live music space in Chorlton.

“There just needs to be somewhere where creatives can hang out, do a bit of networking. So we’ll put some events on as well as live music events and DJ events.”

New concept for a traditional British pub

This isn’t Jonny and Rupert’s first business venture. But, the duo wanted to create something different this time round.

With less people going out or drinking, they wanted to bring the focus to traditional pubs being about people rather than alcohol.

Jonny said: “I think the industry as a whole is going to have to adapt to that or die. If the trend continues in the next generation is more like 60% not drinking then either we move or we’re gonna lose a big portion of the heritage pub estate which is really important

“Whether you drink or not, there’s so much history and community out there. And so in so many ways it’s like the centre of communities. There’s enough pubs closing as it is, so hopefully we can help change the perception around it. And no one’s preaching that everyone should not drink. It’s just a personal choice thing for some people”

The alcohol-free sector is growing

The demand for alcohol-free beverages has skyrocketed in recent years. Jonny says: “It’s possibly the only area in hospitality that in growth, everything else is either stable or in decline.

“People are slowing down and not drinking as much. And what we found now that we’ve got a decent selection [of alcohol-free drinks] is that people use them as break drinks or they’ll have their last drink as a non-alcoholic one.”

The pub offers a lot of alcohol-free alternatives. / Photo credit: Anna Klekot

What’s next for the Chorlton pub

The landlords are looking at putting in an arcade room, music venue and shuffleboard into the pub. They are also planning on restoring it back to it’s former glory starting with the name and the interior.