Tesco streamlining will impact 2,100 jobs and 40 greater Manchester stores

  • Tesco has announced the closure of all deli counters
  • They have promised this will not result in redundancies as new roles are being created

Image: Nicholas.T.Ansell, PA Media

Tesco has announced a full closure of their deli counters and a rethink of store management structure and head office operations.

The changes will impact 2,100 jobs and 40 Greater Manchester stores.

It will include the closure of all remaining deli counters but Tesco has promised “there will be no redundancies as part of the changes to our counters” due to new management roles which are set to be created.


A Manchester Tesco worker said: “This is outrageous. A lot of deli workers are over 60 and can’t do another role.”

The Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers issued a statement: “Tesco has today announced plans to close their remaining in-store counter services, restructuring store management roles and some head office functions, and making some store specific operational changes.

“Clearly there is no good time to receive news like this, but it is especially difficult in the midst of a cost of living crisis and will be devastating for those who may be affected. Usdaw will be entering into a collective consultation with Tesco immediately to interrogate these proposals.”