In a temper? Manchester’s first anger room offers new way to relieve stress and anger

  • New venture allows people to take their frustrations out on objects
  • Aim is to tackle stigma around mental health

Have you ever had the urge to let out all your anger and emotions and to smash something after an awful day? 

Then Temper Tank, a stress room where you are allowed to hit things with baseball bats and sledgehammers, might be the place to go. It’s the first of its kind in Manchester and offers a new way to deal with stress and anger.

The non-profit organisation wants to tackle mental health problems and provides a space where people can let loose in different ways. 

temper tank, smash room, anger room, manchester
The Temper Tank smash room

People can book 15 or 30 minutes  group or individual ‘smash sessions’, depending on the package they choose. 

Behind this idea of Temper Tank are André Lawsun, 32, and Ruginq Bibi, 26, who opened the venture in August in New Islington next to Pollard Yard.

“Because the concept of smashing rooms is quite new, there is no study present that confirms that it helps or that it makes it worse. Not everyone wants to accept help, so we are currently working on the idea that it is person-centered,” Ruginq said. 

The person-centered approach is a positive one directed at looking at a person as a whole. It does not take the place of a counsellor or therapist but can be used alongside such treatnments.