Women’s Rights

Night Tram

1st December 2022 | By Thomas Markham

Women’s safety in question as proposal of a night tram stalls after cross party disagreements in Council meeting

Questions around a night tram service in Manchester have come to light once again in the Manchester City Council meeting yesterday (Wednesday 30 November). The...


15th October 2021 | By Eddie Toomer-McAlpine

Feminists fight against Wikipedia content gender gap in global 24 hour edit-a-thon

Feminist activists united in a global 24 hour edit-a-thon on Ada Lovelace Day to combat what they say is a content gender gap on Wikipedia. During...


27th February 2019 | By nq_admin

How Manchester is celebrating International Women’s Day next month

Manchester is known for its strong women: in December the city unveiled a of Emmeline Pankhurst standing proudly on St Peter’s Square as a symbol of the suffragette...


21st February 2019 | By nq_admin

Reclaim the Night: we report live

Protest posters outside Fallowfield Marie Stopes clinic Manchester

22nd December 2018 | By Sam Peckett

Abortion clinic ‘buffer zones’ a possibility in Manchester following ‘harassment’ allegations against anti-abortion group

Pro-choice campaigners are pushing for a ‘buffer zone’ to be set up outside a Manchester abortion clinic to protect vulnerable women from ‘harassment’ by anti-abortion...