Walk for Women

Lass Fest poster by GrubMCR Cheetham Hill 8/03/23

10th March 2023 | By Ruby Qaimkhani

‘It’s a selection of our favourite events and workshops that celebrate women’, says Lass Fest organiser

The annual Walk for Women event took place in Manchester when hundreds took to the streets in support of women’s rights and to denounce gender-based...

Walk for women

21st February 2023 | By Beth Ibbotson

Manchester gears up for International Women’s Day with annual ‘Walk for Women’

Manchester is gearing up for International Women’s Day when people walk together through the city centre raising their voices in solidarity with women worldwide. The...

Walk for women

3rd March 2019 | By nq_admin

Rise up, strong women of Manchester – Walk for Women 2019

This year’s Walk for Women was the second of its kind in Manchester, with the first taking place last year to mark the 100 year anniversary...