United Nations

Man Met student and UN youth delegate Khusreet Johal in summer attire against a backdrop of water

14th June 2023 | By Khushreet Johal

From Man Met fashion student to global ambassador for the United Nations as a Model UN youth leader

Man Met fashion student Khushreet Johal discusses her work as a youth leader for the United Nations

University of Manchester on a spring morning

13th March 2022 | By David Smith

Manchester International Law Centre meet while Russia continues with invasion of Ukraine

Manchester International Law Centre has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine saying that it is hardly justifiable under international law. Dr Gail Lythgoe, co-director of the the...


23rd February 2022 | By Joseph O'Shea

Manchester City star Oleksandr Zinchenko among Ukrainian sporting icons vowing Ukraine ‘will not give up’ as Russia invades

Manchester City star Oleksandr Zinchenko took to social media to voice support for his home nation of Ukraine following a Russian invasion. Zinchenko, who captained his country at...