16th November 2022 | By Chloe Graber

Religious protesters urge government to pay poorer countries for pollution damage

Religious volunteers staged a protest in Manchester to urge the government to pay damages caused to “poor countries” for pollution caused by climate change. Quakers,...


28th October 2021 | By Ben Pledger

Foodbanks face dramatic surge in demand following Universal Credit cut

The cut to the £20-a-week increase to Universal Credit has left families in a vulnerable state and reliant on foodbanks to get by, it is claimed.  Research...


4th October 2021 | By Olivia Weeks

Stop the War coalition panel held in Manchester to discuss 20 years of the ‘war on terror’

The People’s Assembly gathered in Manchester at the weekend during what has been dubbed a ‘Festival of Resistance’ to coincide with the Tory party conference. And...