girls night in


4th November 2021 | By Toni Clarke

University students create ‘Spike Report’ receiving more than 160 cases in first week

Two university students have created a reporting platform for women to report how and where they were spiked. Best friends and founders of equal rights blog...


4th November 2021 | By Megan Traviss

Thousands of protestors join boycott of Manchester venues ‘not doing enough’ to prevent drink spiking

Thousands of protestors gathered in the city centre last week demanding that Manchester venues provide better protection against drink spiking. The event followed reports of young...


27th October 2021 | By Rebecca Redican

Banner making event gets a ‘shocking’ turnout ahead of Girls Night In protest

The University of Manchester hosted a banner making event ahead of the Girls Night In protest at St Peter’s Square. The protest is calling for a boycott of...