fast fashion


20th July 2022 | By Phoebe Rawding

Is sustainability the future of the fast fashion industry?

(Header image courtesy of S4S Project)   Sustainability has become a buzzword in fashion over the past couple of years with it dominating social media platforms...


29th October 2021 | By Olivia Weeks

‘Repair, reuse, rewear’: XR Fashion Action hold clothes repair workshop to help end fast fashion

XR Fashion Action – part of the Extinction Rebellion group – hosted a repair workshop in Manchester to encourage people to repair and reuse clothes....


20th October 2021 | By Toni Clarke

Manchester is ‘the catalyst’ to drive forward slow fashion movement in the north west

A new sustainable fashion initiative showcasing the city’s slow fashion movement has received backing from the council. Future Fashion Fair (FFF), which took place as part of September’s annual Cheetham Cultural...

Slow down fast fashion

11th December 2018 | By Hannah Lemoine

Raising awareness of the harmful effects of the fast fashion industry on the environment #slowdownfastfashion

A campaign to #SlowDownFastFashion This is a campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of fast fashion. Fast fashion is defined as ‘inexpensive clothing produced...


30th October 2018 | By Danielle Wroe

Boohoo! Fashion brand under spotlight for contributing to ‘throwaway’ clothes culture

Manchester-based fashion brand Boohoo has been slammed in Parliament for selling £5 garments which even charity shops will not accept. A total of 400,000 tons of...