2nd February 2022 | By Emma Mohammad

Climate Emergency Manchester rejects praise for council’s climate change action plan

Climate Emergency Manchester have denounced Manchester city council’s climate change plan as “greenwashing”. Climate Emergency UK has hailed the council’s climate change plan as one of...


10th November 2021 | By David Smith

Ardwick residents gather to fight climate change and move towards the goal of zero carbon emissions

Ardwick residents and the Manchester Climate Change Agency came together at Brunswick Church for a local climate summit. With COP26 ending, around 30 Ardwick residents...


30th August 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Extinction Rebellion protestors block of Deansgate road to highlight climate emergency

Climate change activists, Extinction Rebellion, have blocked off the Deansgate road in the city centre. The blockade is part of a 4-day-long protest against climate...


12th April 2019 | By Matt Hartless

Origins of Europe’s climate discovered by UoM scientist in shrimp shells

An international team of geographers has found indications that the climate we have in Europe today began 5000 years ago, hidden in the shells of...