Switch Off campaign launched to raise awareness of smartphone and social media addiction

  • Northern Quota launches Switch Off campaign to raise awareness of digital dependency
  • Led by NQ reporter Farran Golding, the campaign aims to educate people about the hidden effects of smartphone and social media use

Do you often compare yourself to those around you, worry over your body image, struggle sleeping or socialising, or feel somewhat dissatisfied with life in general?

All of the above are subconscious symptoms of overt smartphone and social media usage and considering 78% of the UK are now smartphone owners, it is highly likely you have been affected in more than one way.

With the rise of smartphones, social media has taken a stranglehold on modern day life and with both forms of technology now key to staying in touch, taking photos, making notes, waking up on time and even getting a job as the majority of employers claim to screen applicants by browsing their social media profiles.

However, the notorious aspects of smartphones and social media are becoming more apparent. In 2017, Silicon Valley tech insider Tristan Harris became one the first industry figures to openly decry the ulterior motive from platform developers to get you hooked on smartphone apps, describing the process as ‘brain hacking.’

Switch Off is a campaign aiming to raise awareness of digital dependency and provide education on the effect smartphones and social media have on our health. In doing so, they believe you will naturally begin to question your mobile habits and feel the benefit of taking some time away from your phone.

Learn about the campaign at switchoffcampaign.wordpress.com and discover more about your relationship with smartphones and social media here.

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