Bridgewater Hall

Students save teenage girl from being hit by Metrolink tram

  • Teenage girl stumbled onto tram tracks and almost got hit by a tram
  • Three students pulled her back to safety
  • Teen taken to hospital 'after drinking'

A teenage girl was pulled away from tram tracks by three students’ moments before a tram almost hit her.

The teenage girl was spotted staggering along the tram tracks located opposite Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Thursday at 9:30pm. Three students rushed to pull the girl off the tracks when they noticed an oncoming tram heading towards her.

The students said they were “shocked” to see that the girl did not respond to the distinct sound of the tram approaching as she continued to work her way up the tracks which have no pedestrian access.

One of the students Muqtasid Khan said: “I saw her staggering on the tracks but I thought she would have moved when she saw the tram coming closer, but she didn’t.

“Everything happened very quickly, I remember saying we have to get her off and we all just ran to her. We just grabbed and pulled her back. It was really close she could have been seriously injured or worse.”

Another student Husnain Ul Haq added: “The tram made a high-pitched noise when we were pulling her away, it could have been fatal if we weren’t there. I’m glad we saved her.”

The teenager did not sustain any injuries, but ambulance services were called to the scene because of concerns that the young girl had apparently been drinking

The three students who pulled the girl off the tracks
Left to right: Mege, Muqtasid and Husnain

Another student Mege Burkevica, who called 999, said: “She was in a bad state. Her pupils were dilated and she couldn’t stand on her own. She didn’t even respond when I asked her name. She definitely needed some medical help or she would have gotten into a dangerous situation again.”

A spokesperson for Transport for Greater Manchester said: “We would like to remind everyone that Metrolink does run through densely populated areas, sharing space with motorists and pedestrians. With the festive season approaching, we’d ask people to take extra precautions when walking across and around tram tracks.”