Student fees reduction launch article

  • In light of a government planned review 
  • NQ reporter, Sarah Walker, is organising a campaign to reduce student fees

Recently the UK government has been thinking about reducing UK student tuition fee loans. With this in mind I am launching a campaign to encourage the student fee reduction.

Student fees in the United Kingdom are some of the highest in the world. It is one of the few areas in Europe that requires all students to pay fees. The UK itself also has domestic differences on student fees. In England and Wales, the fees are currently around £9, 000. In Northern Ireland the fees are £3, 000. In Scotland fees are free for all of its citizens.

As stated above the UK government are currently reviewing student fees in England and Wales with thoughts on reducing that figure to £6, 500. However, this is not certain to happen and this figure will not apply to all subjects.

The student fee reduction will not apply to courses such as medicine, maths or science. These subjects could be charged around £13, 000. This is being considered as in theory these students will be earning more money after graduating.

Students from Manchester Metropolitan University stated that cutting the fees would be a good thing. However, they also believe that the policy would be “unfair” to other students.

The aim of my campaign is to encourage a student fee reduction; however, I would like to see a reduction that does not require other students to make up the difference.

My campaign will focus on the effects a student fee reduction would have on students studying as well as how providing a viewpoint on how universities view a potential cut. The campaign will also look to include accurate facts of the realities on the potential reduction of fees.

My campaign will cover extensive coverage of all aspects of the benefits of student fee reductions. It will include interviews on how students are coping, the problems that universities will face and data on how universities admissions will be affected by the government’s plans.

In interviews conducted within Manchester Metropolitan University students also said they felt a review was “long overdue” however they “had little confidence” that the government review would be beneficial in the long term.

The campaign will also include three articles (this one included). One article will highlight the restrictions of student living. Another article will include the government’s idea and the realities of this idea being implemented.

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