Street Safe M14: Campaign launched to increase police presence in Fallowfield

  • The student suburb of Fallowfield has recently fallen victim to a sharp increase in crime.
  • Burglaries, muggings, sexual assault and violent crime have all risen over the past 12 months, statistics reveal.
  • NQ reporter Tom Green has started the #StreetSafeM14 campaign to push for an increase in police presence in the M14 area.

Fallowfield, once a pleasant suburb, is now in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Heavily populated by students, the south Manchester suburb is currently experiencing a sharp increase in crime.

Statistics reveal that crime in the area increased by more than 30% over the summer months of 2016 to 2017 and the latest figures show there were 516 reported crimes (UK Crime Stats) in the area alone from June to August 2017.

For many of the students who have returned for the start of the new academic year, it seems that things are spiralling out of control. Other residents, too, are concerned that burglaries, muggings and sexual assault are becoming all too common.

Enough is enough.

The Northern Quota is today launching its #StreetSafeM14 campaign, with the aim of pushing for an increase in police presence in the area to make sure the streets of Fallowfield remain safe for all.

Follow the campaign journey at and sign the petition today: