Storm Isha and Storm Jocelyn continue to cause disruption to Greater Manchester

  • Storm Jocelyn is the second storm to hit the UK in 36 hours
  • Structural weaknesses from Storm Isha may cause more devastation when Storm Jocelyn hits
  • Plane landings diverted, power outages and damage to buildings affect Greater Manchester
  • All ScotRail trains are halted for Scottish commuters in a ‘controlled shutdown’ due to weather concerns

Two people have died and thousands are without power after Storm Isha continues to cause disruption with ‘bigger’ Storm Jocelyn to follow. 

Storm Jocelyn, the second storm to hit the UK in 36 hours, will arrive at 8am on Wednesday with winds of up to 65 mph in the worst affected areas. 

About 53,000 homes were affected by power outages across the country according to the BBC, with some remote areas warned that they may have no power until Tuesday. Two people have been confirmed dead in two unrelated car accidents in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

The Met Office has issued a Yellow weather warning for central and northern England bringing eight hours of heavy rain between 8am and 4pm. Shortly after, winds of up to 65 mph will reach its peak before dying down at 10pm. 

Storm Jocelyn is expected to bring 16mm of rainfall to the region. 

The Met Office says that storm Jocelyn is “a bigger storm in terms of its width, but in terms of its intensity a notch down on Storm Isha. However, it will still bring problems.

“Because we are following on from Storm Isha, which may have weakened structures, there is an increased chance of disruption.”

Storm Jocelyn is the ninth named storm to hit the UK since the season began in September. 

Storm Isha in Greater Manchester

Whilst Cumbria bore most of the brunt of Storm Isha, Greater Manchester was severely affected by extreme weather. 

Electricity North West has said that almost 8000 homes  and 166 fallen power lines had been affected by the devastation of Storm Isha with 400 homes in Stockport left without power because of an ‘unexpected incident’ on a high voltage cable in the area. 

Other areas including Bolton, Tameside and Oldham were also affected by the power cuts. Engineers battle to repair the damage overnight to reach the damage sites before Storm Jocelyn hits. 

In Oldham, main road Yorkshire Street was closed due to a collapsed shopfront- formerly the John Clegg Opticians- that had fallen away from the main structure of the building. 

Disruptions to Travel

On Monday, Storm Isha forced nearly 100 planes to terminate landings and divert journeys because planes were not safe to land or airports were closed. 

A Manchester to Dublin flight was diverted to France 500 miles away in an 11 hour flight around West Europe. Ryanair flight FR555, was forced to land at Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport, after circling the Irish Sea multiple times before aborting its landing. Passengers were stuck on the runway for five hours before being allowed to leave the plane, with some passengers, who had traveled without a passport, causing internal problems in customs.  

Another plane traveling from Manchester to Stansted was diverted to Budapest. 

Manchester Airport has not commented on further disruptions to flights due to Storm Jocelyn. 

Scottish commuters have been affected by a ‘controlled shutdown’ as all ScotRail trains have been suspended from 7pm Tuesday with no services on Wednesday morning. An Amber weather warning for winds of up to 70 mph has been issued in parts of North and West Scotland with a potential risk to life.