#StandUpForTheChampions – safe standing campaign launches

  • #StandUpForTheChampions is a campaign to get safe standing introduced at Manchester City
  • #StandUpForTheChampions comes from a song sung by City fans to stand and applaud the Premier League Champions during home games
  • With the expansion of the Etihad Stadium a hot topic we want the club to consider creating an area for supporters to stand freely during matches.

Safe standing has been a topic that has raised discussion for several years with football fans urging the government to allow it to be re-introduced to England’s top two leagues. This campaign is aimed specifically at Manchester City and trying to raise awareness to them that safe standing is what we as fans want.

For those who are perhaps unsure what safe standing is or what the campaign is trying to achieve, essentially the aim is to get Manchester City to introduce safe standing in which a certain block would be specifically designed for fans who want to meet their friends and stand where they please. . In an ideal world, a certain area of the stadium would be specifically designated to fans who like to stand and sing during home matches at the Etihad Stadium. The initiative has already been introduced at clubs such as Celtic where fans have described it as ‘revolutionising for the atmosphere’

Discussions have taken place regarding the expansion of the North stand at the Etihad with the capacity being increased to around 63,000 and could be a possible home for any rail seating plan. Not only would the standing area benefit fans who want to stand, those who like to remain seated during games will not have to worry about having their view blocked by people standing in front of them.

The introduction of a safe standing area could also help the possibility of creating more affordable ticket prices for fans. With more tickets being sold the area could target younger fans and those who are priced out by regular ticket prices at City.