Somali charity facing axe has funding restored after appeal from Manchester MP

  • Somali charity lost their funding after proposed budget cuts
  • MP Lucy Powell and Moss Side councillors launched an appeal to the city council
  • The charity's grant has been extended for a year

A Somali charity in Moss Side has received the green light for another year of funding after appeals from local MPs.

The Somali Adult Social Care Agency (SASCA) was under threat of closure after the council cut their funding due to slashed budgets.  

The city council reconsidered their stance after appeals by Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell and Moss Side councillors.

Sasca, Lucy Powell, manchester city council, funding cuts, Moss Side
Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell

SASCA chair Mohamed Jeilani said: “We had a very productive meeting with Lucy Powell who was really very helpful and we would like to thank her for her continuous for the local community.

“I believe without her it would have been very difficult for us to get this extension and continue our services for the local community and [we would also like to thank] Mr Mahadi and all the local councillors.”

The charity has been granted a year of funding on the condition that they provide an action plan moving forward.