Six police cars attend a knife incident at Hulme Park as children play in the sunshine

  • Large groups of people were at the park when police cars and vans arrived
  • Children were playing just metres from the scene of a knife related incident
  • One person has been arrested in relation to the knife incident

A man was arrested by police today in Hulme Park after police were alerted to a knife incident.

Officers ran through groups of people to a path to apprehend the man at 3.45pm. Groups of students and families alike were drinking, socialising and even playing musical instruments when the incident happened.

A police officer at the scene said people at the park enjoying the hot weather had “nothing to worry about”, as the police were called “for a separate incident where someone had a knife”.

Police talk around the car
Police officers talk around one of the cars as their colleagues ran to the scene. Image: Georgina Randall

Local resident Rhys who lives by the park said: “I’d just finished work and heard the sirens, but I didn’t see what happened.

“Look at this happening on day two of people being able to meet up.”

Rhys was referring to the new governmental rule of meeting in groups of six outdoors as the Spring weather rolls in.

Children were playing in the park just metres from where the knife incident occurred.

The park is also bordered by Saint Wilfrid’s Roman Catholic Primary School, but the children had left school for the day when the incident occured. 

The police attended the crime that occurred by a side street near Birchvale Close
The police attended the crime that occurred by a side street near Birchvale Close. Image: Georgina Randall

By 4.15pm a person had been taken away in a police van followed by a convoy of police cars.