Becky Hill

Singer-songwriter Becky Hill performs on street despite venue cancelling gig

  • Singer-songwriter Becky Hill performs acapella for fans outside Manchester Academy
  • Manchester Academy were forced to cancel the original gig due to water main problems
  • Fans gathered in awe as she sang with just a few guitarists behind her
  • A fan of the singer posted a video to Twitter of her singing acapella outside the venue

Popular singer-songwriter Becky Hill sang outside the Manchester Academy tonight after the venue was forced to cancel the gig due to maintainance problems.

The 24 year-old pop/house singer, who sang UK number 1 song ‘Gecko (Overdrive)’ posted to Twitter announcing to fans that her gig was cancelled, but that she still planned to sing outside the venue to refrain from disappointing fans.








One fan who saw Hill’s tweet said: “Respect levels for @BeckyHill just doubled…what an absolute legend for giving the fans a show no matter what…so many other artists would have just said it’s out of their hands but this girl wernt having it..Well done girl HUGE respect for that.”

Manchester Academy took to Twitter announcing that the gig was cancelled but had no idea that the artist would take matters into her own hands.





Becky Hill later announced that although she managed to please her fans, the concert will still be rescheduled to a later date.