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#Shift2Thrift is a campaign formed to raise awareness of the frightening issues within fast fashion and why it’s important to ‘UPCYCLE | REUSE | RECYCLE’. 

We want you to reuse the clothes you already have and to shop in second hand shops to tackle the issues of fast fashion. We are highlighting the problems of how it affects the environment and allows those to support a local business within your area.

Fast fashion is one of the main contributors to pollution which has a major effect on our environment. Big businesses produce cheap products made unethically with harsh chemicals causing water pollution and toxic chemicals to linger to clothes.

Certain fashion brands online and in-store have hidden within their terms and conditions Proposition 65 which states their products may contain harsh chemicals that can cause birth defects and reproductive harm.These harsh chemicals have been proven to cause cancer when coming in contact with human skin. Do you really want to be wearing something on your skin that contains these harsh chemicals?


Fast fashion needs to be highlighted urgently as unethical and completely out of order . To raise awareness of this please sign this petition as a pledge to kick out these brands of your routine and to make the clothes in your wardrobe last a bit longer. Our Twitter and YouTube account will be constantly updating with information for further interest.