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Savvy Man Met student earns £4,000 A MONTH using social media

  • Full-time student is using a subscription based social media service to pay her way through university
  • Using the money earned to save towards setting up her own business
  • Instagram star has set up subscription-based enterprise

A Man Met student who set up a subscription-based service on social media to pay her way through university says she is earning as much as £4,000 a month.

The 20-year-old student, who does not want to give her name, has more than 165,000 followers on the social media platform Only Fans who give supportive messages and regularly connect with her.

Most of her posts consist of selfies and gym workouts and amass a large number of likes and comments for each picture. The stories she posts document her everyday life and are used for promotional purposes.

The student was initially on Instagram but switched to Only Fans when she noticed that Instagram restricted some of the pictures she was posting and so set up the paid subscription service.

She said: “I originally started OnlyFans because my pictures kept getting reported on Instagram.” 

Instagram promotion shot used for OnlyFans
Man Met student posts pictures updating her followers on her day-to-day life Photo: Instagram

OnlyFans is a subscription content social media site where users pay to view the content of its users. The user can decide how much they want to charge their fans for the service (in US dollars) and receive 80% of the subscription money, with OnlyFans keeping the rest.

Content on the site varies from bloggers, behind-the-scenes, intimate snaps and explicit content.

Since launching her OnlyFans account back in 2017, the Man Met students says she is now earning around £4,000 a month through her subscriptions.

But it is not without its risks.

She said: “You have the risk of your photos being leaked and if you ever change your mind those photos can still be found online potentially.”

To protect herself she always checks the content she posts, saying: “I always think to myself if this was to be leaked would I be ok with that? And I am.”

Her friends introduced her to the site. Some earn so much that one girl donated more than £10,000 to charity, while others are helping their parents pay off their mortgage.

The Man Met students says she uses the money she generates to fund her lifestyle, and with the rest she she plans to launch her own business when she finishes university.