Salford care home delivers ‘inadequate’ care for residents, inspectors find

  • Care home classed as 'inadequate'
  • Threats to remove licence if no improvement made

A Salford care home has been placed in special meaures after inspectors found a catalogue of issues.

 Care Quality Commission inspectors found that bosses at Kenyon Lodge were not providing adequate care for residents.

Inspectors found:

  • Nurses unsure about proper treatment for residents
  • Insufficient staffing levels
  • No proper safeguards against abuse
  • A ‘serious incident’ at the home is currently under investigation
  • Residents’ care plans not being reviewed

In the report, inspectors said: “We identified significant shortfalls in the care provided to people at the home.”

The report also stated: “Staff had not consistently received sufficient training and supervision to ensure they had the skills required to support people effectively. Care plans had not been reviewed regularly and updated to ensure they reflected people’s current needs and preferences. Record keeping was poor. People did not consistently receive care that met their needs and preferences.”

Residents and their relatives have said to the care quality commission that they did not feel safe living at the home.

Inspectors said: “Relatives told us they felt the home was short staffed and people’s needs were not met in a timely way as a result of this. We received negative comments regarding the care provided. One relative told us [their relative] was unkempt and they didn’t have confidence in the care because nurses were not always sure about the treatment [their relative] had received. One staff member told us they would not want their own relative in the home.”

Inspectors found that inadequate attention was paid to residents’ diets and that this “placed people at risk of choking or aspiration. For people who required their food and fluid intake to be monitored, record keeping was poor, and there were no system in place to check records had been completed, and act on any identified issues”.

The home has now been placed in ‘special measures’ by the CQC. Kenyon Lodge will be inspected again in six months time.